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  Wish Composite Insulator Co.,Ltd.is located in world famous historic and cultural city-xi'an,as China's largest manufacture base of HV transmission,distribution andtransformation products.Its production base covers an area of 66600m2 and is located in China National Xi'an Economic and Technical Development Zone,with industry standard workshop of 20000m2.The company has a ...

  Business philosophy

  The pursuit of excellent quality, service sincerely value, customer win-win situation.
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General Manager Speech

Thanks very much for squeezing time to visit our website and browse relevant information.Maybe there is a little help to you, even if very few, we also feel happy about it .

】means reality, when doing man or doing things . Ialso hopeour products

andservice could satisfy your requirement, and surpass your expectation. This is my sincere hope.

】has been passed for 15 years, since it was founded in 2000. Over the years,

】always adhere to the...

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Wish Composite Insulator Co.,Ltd
Address: No. 168, Jinggao South Road, Jinghe Industrial Zone, Xi'an, China
Tel: 0086-29-86031636 86031942
Fax: 0086-29-86030621
Foreign 24 hours service hotline: +8618792660323
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Address: No. 168, Jinggao South Road, Jinghe Industrial Zone, Xi'an, China  http://www.wishpower.net  E-mail: info@wishpower.net
Foreign 24 hours service hotline: +8618792660323
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