The harmful form of lightning

Lightning invades buildings (structures), equipment, people, livestock, etc., which will cause disasters, mainly in the form of:

Direct lightning strike (including direct lightning strike, around lightning strike) — in the area of lightning activity, lightning directly through the human body, buildings (structures), equipment, and other electrical discharge to the ground generated by the phenomenon of the direct lightning strike.

Indirect lightning strikes — lightning currents invade buildings (structures) in the form of electrostatic induction, electromagnetic induction, electromagnetic pulse radiation, lightning overvoltage invasion, lightning counterattack, etc. (collectively referred to as induced lightning), causing damage to buildings, equipment parts, or personal casualties.

The severity of a lightning disaster is shown in its great destructiveness, which is characterized by high lightning discharge voltage, large lightning current amplitude, fast change, short discharge time, and steep lightning current waveform. The destruction of lightning lies in the powerful current, hot high temperature, violent shock wave, dramatic electromagnetic field and strong electromagnetic radiation and other physical effects, to the human society to bring great harm, causing casualties, great damage, fire and explosion, serious losses. Lightning disaster covers a wide area, human social activities, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, construction, electricity, communications, aerospace, transportation, petrochemical, financial securities, and other industries, almost omnipresent. With the development of high technology, lightning disaster appears more and more serious.