The difference between a surge protector and a lightning arrester

  1. the arrester has several voltage levels, from 0.38kV low voltage to 500kV ultra-high voltage, and the surge protector generally only low-voltage products;
  2. the lightning arrester is installed in a system, to prevent the direct invasion of lightning waves, and a surge protector is mostly installed in the secondary system, is in the lightning arrester to eliminate the direct invasion of lightning waves, or the lightning arrester will not eliminate the lightning wave clean when supplementary measures;
  3. the lightning arrester is to protect electrical equipment, and the surge protector is mostly to protect electronic instruments or meters;
  4. because the arrester is connected to the electrical system, there should be enough external insulation performance, the appearance of the size is relatively large, and the surge protector is connected to the low voltage, the size can be small.

Surge protector

  1. Frequency conversion control cabinet must be added

2. the use of vacuum circuit breaker control cabinet must be added

  1. The incoming line switch of the power supply system must be added
  2. another control cabinet can not add, of course, if for the sake of insurance there is a budget space that can be added to the surge protector is generally divided into two categories: motor protection type, power station protection type in the choice must pay attention to!