Talents Plan

1、Training System

The company will carry out effective training system based on the general developing goals,business strategy planning and human resource developing needs.

【1】Middle management training ;by learning advanced management mode,idea,communication skill and management skills , we will arrange the communication between middle and high employees management cases, in order to improve the overall quality and management ability , and make them develop in the enterprise operation and management.

【2】Key position training :promote company sustainable development ,build excellent reserve talent team,and improve the ability ofemployees at key position by management skills and major skill training.

【3】New employees training :to conduct a series o f training which include enterprise culture , company regulation, post standard, department work-flow,the new staff could integrate into thecompany

team rapidly, identify enterprise culture ,and make clear their role to adapt requirement.

【4】Researcher professional training: at fixed period, we will arrange some training about industry trends, research trends and product positioning etc.held by by well-known specialists and scholars to

improve the researching ability

【5】Front-line staff skills training :employees can get constant skill improvement through product

knowledge and skills training,

【6】Quality system:Through the learing of ISO9001, the company’s quality management system construction and the continuous improvement ability has bee improved, to ensure the implementation of the company quality management system

2、competitive employment mechanism

In order to improve the learning ability of learning and management , at the same time provide promotion channels, our company develops the management competition mechanism.Marketing vice President, chief engineer, development manager, production vice President are rehired every three years.Sales regional manager performance score ranking jobs hired at the end of each year,Other management job is divided into three parts, each plate annual comprehensive assessment staff hired last name,vice production manager position by the end of the production manager to determine whether need.

Competition is based on the principle of fairness and openess, aims to enhance the level of management, integrated management and open their promotion channels at the same time, make the enterprise human resources is more vitality and combat effectiveness

3、salary system

The company establish performance oriented salary system, salary consist of post salary, skill-based

pay and performance salary. Post salary is the same for the same position.Company established a comprehensive performance evaluation system,the skill based pay is set up accordingly. Company established a comprehensive performance evaluation system, set up monthly, quarterly, annual appraisal index, appraisal index directly affects employee performance that month salary

After analyzing the operating conditions in a year, according to the employee performance achievement and contribution to the enterprise, to a certain number of year-end bonus.For those interested

in the enterprise long-term development of excellent staff and management staff can hold within

the company shares, corporate profits are Shared with employees

4、social benefits

【1】Company staff have endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance (including the poverty-stricken medical), inductrial injury insurance, and, and for business trip overseas

personnel to handle the personal accident insurance

【2】Employees can enjoy the various holidays stipulated by the state, and can enjoy17 days of paid leave benefits according to the different working agein every year .

【3】Employees can get gifts at Important holidays and send a beautiful birthday gift for employees.

【4】Production line model worker end-of-year bonuses, cash in that year the average monthly

salary. Year-end welfare except physical distribution

【5】If the employee work exceed one year, they have 50yuan allowance per year, being gave out along with the salary.

【6】The company offer high temperature allowance for some type of work.

【7】Some post in the company have lunch allowance for some type of position.