Some small knowledge of composite insulators

For composite insulators to be more widely used in our country, it is necessary to break through people’s understanding that they are mostly used to prevent pollution flashover, in order to shake the dominance of traditional porcelain and glass insulators. To achieve this goal, we need to pay attention to the following issues and continue to conduct more in-depth research.

Choice of mechanical strength:

The most prominent feature of the composite insulator core rod is high strength and high specific strength. Its tensile strength can reach 7000MPa, and its specific strength is 5 times that of high-quality carbon steel. Some regions and departments have proposed the use of synthetic insulators, whose mechanical strength is higher than that of traditional porcelain and glass insulators. For example, the use of porcelain insulators is 160kN, and the use of synthetic insulators is 210kN. In fact, when the use load is less than 40% of the rated mechanical load, the reliability of operation can be guaranteed. Therefore, synthetic insulators can be selected according to the method of porcelain insulators without increasing the mechanical load value. The measurement of the load deflection of the core rod shows that the composite insulator has good bending resistance, good resistance to galloping and breeze vibration. When used in a tensile tower, it can withstand a certain bending moment. In the long-term operation of products with different end connection structures, how different their mechanical properties will change, it is still necessary to in-depth study.