Research on Live Cleaning Method of 500kV Post Insulator

With the increase of operating time of 500 kV substation equipment, the pollution degree of pillar insulators becomes more and more serious. The creepage of the insulators is more and more obvious, and the discharge sound increases on rainy and foggy days. Regular cleaning or emergency cleaning of insulators is an extremely effective anti-pollution flashover measure. In response to the requirements of high equipment reliability, there are fewer opportunities for power outage maintenance. At the same time, with the advancement of state maintenance work, there are fewer opportunities for equipment power outages. The hidden danger of flashover threatens the safe operation of equipment more and more seriously. To solve this contradiction, effectively improve the insulation level of the pillar insulators, clean the surface of the equipment in time, and prevent equipment pollution and flashover accidents, live cleaning has become a necessary means.


The layout of live equipment in the 500 kV substation is compact. The distance between some equipment is small, and there are many types of structures. When carrying out live work on high voltage equipment, safe working regulations must be strictly followed, and a sufficient safety distance can be met to ensure the personal safety of live workers. And safe operation of live equipment. To make live cleaning equipment acceptable to the user department, and to realize the live cleaning operation of high-voltage and ultra-high voltage substation equipment conveniently, safely, and reliably, the following requirements must be met: (1) The live-cleaning equipment must be miniaturized and adopted. Potential and indirect live working methods to ensure that the range of activities of the operators during live work must meet the safety distance requirements; (2) The live cleaning equipment must meet the requirements of the insulation level to ensure the personal safety of live workers and the safe operation of live equipment; ( 3) The equipment must be light, flexible, and easy to assemble to minimize the labor intensity of the operators; (4) The live cleaning equipment must be able to meet the cleaning requirements of equipment with different heights installed in the substation; (5) The cleaning equipment must be easy to operate and easy to maintain Maintenance, few vulnerable parts, long trial life.