36kV、66kV Composite Hollow Insulator

110kV(126kV) Composite Hollow Insulator


※ Application:

HV transmission lines,suitable for polluted areas

Variety scope: 36kV、66kV
Specified mechanical load: 1kN,3kN,5kN,10kN
Color: Red,Gray,Blue,Yellow or according to customer’s requirement.
Executive Standard:GB/T 19519-2014 IEC 61109

※ Technical Characteristics:

– Light weight,small volume,it can be easily transported and installed

– High mechanical strength
– Good performance of anti-pollution
– Free of maintenance

※ Structure:

Be made of silicone housing, core rod and end fitting,

※ Manufacturing Process:

Complete injection technology advantage:Core rod and sheath adhesive without aperture, the inner insulation performance is good, can avoid interface breakdown phenomenon.

※ 36kV Composite Hollow Insulator Diagram ※ 66kV Composite Hollow Insulator Diagram

36kV、66kV Composite Hollow Insulator

36kV、66kV Composite Hollow Insulator

※The main technical parameters

36kV、66kV Composite Hollow Insulator

Note: Product’s dimension, characteristics,connecting type, shed color,etc can be designed and manufactured in accordance with customer’s requirements .