WISHPOWER has set a standard of excellence for polymer distribution cutouts. Our polymer-insulated cutout incorporates an industry recognized silicone rubber insulating material with superior hydrophobic qualities. WISHPOWER offers Type L cutouts in both polymer and porcelain designs, which provide reliable overcurrent protection for primary distribution circuits. Overcurrent protection safeguards an electric system from excessive currents produced by abnormal conditions such as faults, line or equipment overloads, or equipment failures. Polymer Type L cutouts are ruggedly constructed and will provide full-range overcurrent protection from minimum melt of a given fuse link to the maximum nameplate interrupting current rating of the cutout.

Polymer cutouts are available in 12-15.5 kV, 24-27 and 33-38 kV kV voltage ratings. Polymer Type L cutouts are available with a 100 A or 200 A fuseholder or with a 300 A disconnect blade.

Polymer-insulated and porcelain Type L cutouts have been tested to, and meet or exceed all requirements set forth by IEEE Std C37.41™ and IEEE Std C37.42™ standards.

Polymer Cutout Applications:

Proper cutout application requires several major system considerations: system operating voltage, insulation level, type of system grounding, maximum available fault current the cutout may be subjected to, and anticipated maximum continuous load current.
The polymer Type L cutout voltage rating is the maximum design voltage of the cutout. It can be applied, without restrictions, on any three-phase system that has system line-to-line voltage less than or equal to the cutout rating. Type L cutouts can also be applied on single phase or three-phase solidly grounded wye connected circuits. The circuit can have line-to-neutral voltages up to the voltage rating of the cutout as long as the maximum recovery voltage does not exceed the cutout’s rating. The Basic Impulse Insulation Level (BIL) of a cutout should be coordinated with the insulation of other connected apparatus. The interrupting rating of a cutout should be greater than or equal to the maximum available system fault current unless used in conjunction with current-limiting fuses. The cutout selected should have a continuous current rating sufficient to handle the expected load. The 100 A rated fuseholder accepts fuse links from a fraction of 1 A to 100 A. The 200 A fuseholder will accept fuse links with ratings above 100 A to 200 A. When selecting a cutout or fuse, it is important to consider future load growth and other planned system expansion.
WISHPOWER offers full-range current-limiting fuses for applications where system fault current exceeds the maximum interrupting rating of an expulsion fuse.

Polymer Cutout Features:

The backbone of the polymer-insulated Type L cutout is comprised of an E-glass fiberglass rod with crimped-ongalvanized steel hanger and end fittings. The crimping process results in a robust design capable of withstanding numerous opening and closing operations and the severe forces present during fault current interruptions. The frame is over molded with the industry leading, track resistant, silicone rubber polymer-housing. Independent laboratory tests have verified the superiority of silicone rubber in terms of resistance to UV degradation, surface tracking/performance in contaminated environments, and other important insulating properties. The complete cutout assembly works together as a system and will stand up to years of exposure to environmental extremes. The fuseholder is constructed of an epoxy impregnated glass filament wound tube over a moisture-proof inner polymer liner material. A large bronze cast pull ring is utilized for ease of installation and re-fusing. The bronze trunnion, with lifting ring having both front and side accessibility, is silver plated for minimum contact resistance. The grooved flipper assembly controls link tension, assures low-fault current interruption and prevents link breakage on “close-in.”
The cast bronze lower hinge assembly has deep pockets for the trunnion to pivot to minimize accidental fuse removal. The rugged design with wide opening means easy fuseholder installation and removal. The lower contact assembly utilizes stainless steel backup springs and silver-to-silver contacts to minimize contact resistance and assure excellent continuous contact throughout the life of the cutout. The contacts are designed to carry 300 A continuous. Silver-to-silver top contacts are again used to minimize contact resistance. The Type L cutout design develops high contact pressure to assure excellent contact for operating currents and until fault interruption is completed. Loadbreak hooks, for use with a loadbreak tool, are standard and serve as a “close-in” guide to assure positive make. Lubricant is applied to all separable connector interchanges. All hardware is designed to interlock during assembly to assure correct alignment. The rugged design assures smooth operation and long life.

Polymer Cutout Specifications:

Customized according to customer needs

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Factory Tour

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Wishpower is a full-service supplier of power products, including insulator, fuse cutout, surge arrester and line construction hardware.

Wishpower professionally design and manufacture the following products: composite insulators series used on HV transmission and distribution line, HDPE insulator,HDPE Pin insulator,composite insulators series used on electrified railway catenary flexible suspension section insulators used on subway, rigid suspension insulators used on subway, composite dry type insulation capacitance bushing series, composite dry type transformer capacitance bushing series, composite dry type through-wall capacitancebushing series, composite housed zinc oxide arrester series, composite subway evacuation platform series, composite subway cable mounting bracket series, composite three-rail shield series used on electrified railway, composite insulation climb ladder series used on live working, high polymer interphase spacer etc. electrical equipments.

Our production base covers an area of 66600 SQ meters and is located in China National Xi’an Economic and Technical Development Zone, with industry standard workshop of 20000 SQ meters. Wishpower is founded in 2003. Now we have 100 employees, including 20 technical and management personnels. [More about manufacturing]

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Wishpower owns advanced HV testing equipment and complete inspection measurements, electrical test, mechanical strength test, physical and chemical test and so on. Each product is tested before shipment, to ensure the safety, reliability and good quality of the product. ”Quality is the life of Enterprise, determine success or failure”, this concept has become an indispensable part of Wish people consciousness.

Wish passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system certification. Wish fully implement the management of ERP management system and 6S management mode high voltage products has become well known brands at domestic and overseas.The product get the approval of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Test center of National Insulator Arrester China Quality and Technical Supervision Inspection Bureau, the State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, Holland KEMA high voltage laboratory test, and obtain related qualification certificate.

Research and Development

With a 10,000 sqft R&D laboratory and full-time R&D staff, Wishpower can perform most testing procedures, material qualifications and quality experiments. These resources provide Wishpower, its customers and suppliers technical expertise that is unmatched in the composite industry. The following is a summary of Wishpower’s technical capabilities.

  • Decades of experience in mechanical testing of common to exotic reinforcements.
  • Deflection testing a composite crossarm.
  • Composites analysis capabilities including Finite Element and Classical Laminated Plate Theory using in-house generated lamina data.
  • Rapid Prototyping: In-house 3D printing capabilities offer R&D lab the ability to quickly create test fixtures and concept prototypes.
  • Dedicated laboratory pultrusion machine managed and operated by a full time Research and Development Engineer and dedicated machine operator.
  • Competency in conducting Design of Experiments to reduce testing time.
  • Material testing machines capable of loads as high as 220,000 lbs-force.
  • Full Scale Testing Machine: 3-Point Bend Test Machine capable of applying loads up to 30,000 lbs-force on 22-foot clear spans.
  • Environmental Chamber for elevated temperature coupon testing.
  • Weatherometer and material conditioning capabilities including programmable UV, temperature and condensation.
  • Laboratory machine shop to prepare ASTM test coupons and custom test specimens.
  • Custom design and testing capabilities, including custom fixture design and setup, custom laminate designs and access to our in-house machine shop to fabricate test fixtures.
  • Dedicated environmentally controlled Mechanical Test Lab. Dedicated environmentally controlled Electrical Test Lab.
  • Rheology/DMA to determine glass transition temperature and other viscoelastic properties of resin mixes as well as solid composites.
  • Viscosity and cure (210°F gel) testing capabilities for neat resins and resin mixes.
  • Color matching capabilities for resins, finished pultrusions and topcoats.