How to choose the arrester

(1) First fix the base of the lightning arrester, and then install each unit (section) of the lightning arrester in groups from bottom to top.
(2) The arrester has passed the assembly test and qualified before leaving the factory. The on-site installation should be strictly assembled according to the manufacturer’s number, and can not be exchanged to avoid the change of characteristics.
(3) the valve type arrester with series and combined current negative should be selected during installation, so that the nonlinear coefficients between the same phase combination units are close to each other, and the difference value should not be greater than 0.04.
(4) The contact surface of the arrester should be wiped clean, the oxide film and paint should be removed, and a layer of power compound grease should be coated.
(5) the arrester should be installed vertically, the sag deviation is not more than 2%, and if necessary, the metal sheet can be corrected between the flange surface. The three-phase center should be on the same straight line, the nameplate should be located on the same side of easy observation, the pressure equalization ring should be installed horizontally, and finally the gap should be smoothed and painted with putty.
(6) Tighten the insulator string to tighten it, and the tension of each string in the same phase should be balanced to avoid additional tension on the arrester.
(7) the discharge counter should be well sealed, reliable action, three-phase installation position is consistent, easy to observe. Reliable grounding, counter indicates recovery to zero.
(8) the exhaust channel of zinc oxide arrester should be unobstructed, and the discharge of gas should be avoided during installation, which may cause interphase short circuit or flashover to the ground, and shall not be sprayed and other equipment.