Experts from Xinjiang Electric Power Research Institute of China State Grid Corporation visited and surveyed the Wishpower Company.

On November 7-8th, 2016, Senior Engineer Li Yaozhong from Xinjiang Electric Power Research Institute of China State Grid Corporation came to Wishpower Company to survey. Focusing on the abnormal weather conditions in Xinjiang, especially the high temperature, extreme cold, strong sand wind, salt lake area, large temperature difference between day and night, birds, ect which can cause serious damage to the operation of composite insulators, he proposed several suggestions on silicone rubber formula and shed structure.

During the two-day trip, Mr. Li watched in detail about the production of the Wishpower and the implementation of technology and disciplines, and explained the operation of composite insulators in western China over the years to technical staff. Moreover, Mr. Li spoke highly of The Wishpower Company because it always adhere to its company motto “the quality of products sets the foundation, and the technological developments guide the future”.

What’s more, the technical staff of Wishpower Company proposed several improvements with Mr. Li about how to deal with the large area ofpollution flashover of composite insulators in the railroad because of the snow drift and salt mud, and high-speed rail power failure which happened so common in Xinjiang Dabancheng Salt Lake District.

Company Genaral Office
Nov 10, 2016

WISHPOWER signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the electrical engineering college of Xi’an Jiaotong University

WISHPOWER signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the electrical engineering college of Xi’an Jiaotong University on Sep. 10th, 2016. WISHERPOWER and Xi’an Jiaotong University has reached a number of agreements in respect of this strategic cooperation according to her self-development needs, and combining with the project <Research and Solution of composite Insulator and MOA used for Electronic Railway under arctic environment> issued by the design institute of China Railway.

Before signing agreement, Professor Guo Jie and her team from Xi’an Jiaotong University has did research in the most typical three areas, including the coldest area Mohe of Heilongjiang Province located in Northeast China, the China Electric Power Research Institute experimental base in the highest Tibet Plateau , and the Dabancheng of Xinjiang Province located in the worst natural conditions ( the strong wind above category 5 with sand and stone, salt lake and salt spay, strong UV radiation and the large temperature difference more than 30℃ between day and night throughout the year) . Professor Guo and her team got informative raw data and weather reports with the support of local power and railway department, which laid good foundation for future research.

The arctic environment in agreement refer to the temperature -48℃. Under such environment, we have to consider the change of body and components of composite insulator and MOA, including the performance index of silicone rubber, epoxy resin insulator, epoxy resin glass filament winding tube, ZnO varistor, interface bond coupling agent and seals etc, and the change of whole product performance, whether the main product can nominal running. We will develop the composite insulator and MOA apply to such environment and summarise the manufacturing process route.

This strategic cooperation agreement also list other cooperative programs, like new product development and technical support, and give a specific time of completion.

WISHPOWER focus on consumer requirement, and regards providing the cost-effective product and service as the core of enterprise development.

Wish Information Office

The president of Wishpower investigated Middle East electric market and visited customers

From June 21th to 30th, 2016, the president Mr. Wu, Senior Engineer Mr. Lv and marketing manager Mr. Chen of Wishpower investigated Middle East market and visited customers in field of Electric power and oil.

In the 10 days trip, they visited Oman customer at first, they explained KEMA test report of 132KV suspension composite insulator and 33KV post composite insulator, and also 5000 hours aging test of silicone rubber. The customer satisfied with product quality for 10 years cooperation. Wishpower compete with world famous manufacturers of Maclean in USA, NGK in Japan and Siemens in Oman market. The business of Wishpower keep growing under this situation, it proved that the brand of Wishpower accepted by Oman market. We have to be calm and know clearly how to keep the good developing trend, to insist principle of “ Qaulity first, Customer highest ” .

In Saudi Arabia market, Wishpower signed agreement with its electric power company. And negotiated the place and charge to do type test with the agent for test of post composite insulator to replace high voltage porcelain disconnector post insulator.

At last, they investigated and evaluated Iran’s National electric power market. Facing the electric power company and importers in Iran’s electric power market only ask price, but don’t care about quality of products, the president put forward to “ Give up”for the same situation of India’s electric power market.

 We should cherish the brand and reputation as they are hard to win. The route we are going forward is internationalized even Wishpower is located in China, we cherish the trust from customer very much, and our goal is to build century enterprise.

Company information office
July 2nd, 2016

Xi ‘an jiaotong university professor Guo Jie was invited by WISHPOWER to make an teaching and research

On June 8, 2016, xi ‘an jiaotong university professor Guo Jiewas invitedbyWISHPOWER tomake an teaching totechnical department engineer of WISHPOWER. During this period, the study focus on therelated knowledge ofcomposite coat zinc oxide lightning arrester, ChinaUHV power transmission and distribution lines in application of the zinc oxide lightning arrester and composite coat zinc oxide resistance of technology assessment. Especially for severe environment conditions,She put forward the Suggestions and opinions aboutthe problems existing in the designon thecomposite coat zinc oxide lightning arrester.

 During the visit factory,Professor Guo Jie gave a positive evaluation for “6 s” management of WISHPOWER, and gave praise to WISHPOWER adhere to the concept of “quality is the reality of the dignity of people”,andalso emphasized to problems should be paid attention to the mass production for WISHPOWER productionof27.5 KV electrified railway composite coat zinc oxide lightning arrester

 Set up quality and brand awareness,it is WISHPOWER management idea and pursuit of the eternal to do one hundred enterprise.

 (Teacher Guojie is a senior professorand tutorof xi ‘an jiaotong university institute of electrical. Nowsheinvolved in a number of ChineseUHV composite coat zinc oxide lightning arrester standards,and participate in China’s high voltage surge arrester in the fault diagnosis in the process of running,sheauthoring for high voltage zinc arrester related books, her academic attainments deep. She has worked in ChinaXD electric institute, has a wealth of practical experience and theoretical level, she has with the graduate students all over the country).

Information office
Dragon Boat Festival in 2016

Three Standard System Certification Training in Wishpower has been finished in 2016

In May 6th-7th 2016, Wishpower Composite Insulator Co,ltd has carried on training working of the annual three standard system(ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001) to monitors and above related personnel. In order to improve the training effect, the company specially invited a senior certified teacher teaching, who is from China huaxia certification center (CCCI). 32-bit business backbone and management personnel all took part in this training. Through this study, we are know more about the three standard management system and had the further understanding. Also the further improve of quality awareness, behavior in daily work will be more standardized, which is help for enter a new level for the main product of “composite insulator, lightning arrester, dry type composite capacitance bushing” and other electrical products.
In the next day , the test was held after training finished . By the test paper, many participants learned a lot,and these will lay the foundation of “Wishpower Quality And Benefit “ in year 2016.

Information office

New Year’s Address in 2016 of (WISHPOWER)

With the footsteps of time, the extraordinary 2015 had left, the challenging 2016 is coming.We sincerely express our gratitude here to always concerned, supporting and trustful customers and partners.And express sincere greetings and heartfelt thanks to hard-working employees in Wishpower.

2015 is a extraordinary year for Wishpower, at the time of the world economy continues to be sluggish and chinese economy enters the new normal, Wishpower contrarians and goes forward, the company’s internal management level gradually improved, qualityconsciousness of all presonnels imperceptibly improve. The amount of export increased by 30% than last year. The products have shortlisted domestic power product, the relative works such as high-speed express train and urban railroad transportation pushed on orderly.

2016 will be the the start of the implementation of“13th Five Year Plan”, also thecrucial important year for Wishpower’s development.In 2016, we will continue to deepen the transformation and upgrading task of enterprise, to develop new and high value-added products.To realize the technology and management level upgrade of enterprise, we will continue to improve the norm management, fully tap potential and to save, maximum to improve labor productivity on the premise of quality assurance.And will continue to do a good cooperation with State Grid electric power research institute of xinjiang project at the same time.

Where there is a will,there is a way, Chu burnt their boats then Qing was conquered; 
When helping yourself, god will help you, Gou Jian endured hardship so Wu was swallowed.

At last, wish you and your family peace, health and happy everyday in year 2016 !

New Year’s Day 2016.

Wishpower extra-high private silicone rubber passed 5000hours aging test.

State grid Beijing Electric Power Research Institute had awarded 5000hours aging test report of electrical silicone rubber.This means that wishpower has been on a new step in developing of extra-high voltage silicone rubber material.

High voltage silicone rubber of wishpower also passed KEMA 1000hours type test.

These completed tests had laid a solid foundation which wishpower can march toward internationalization.

Information Office
Dec,8th, 2015

The management system of WISHPOWER passed Siemens company ‘s recheck

Three persons from Siemens came to the Wishpower and rechecked Quality Management System in Dec 2nd -3rd,2015.They confirmed that QMS (ISO 9001:2008),occupational health and Safety system, and environment management system (ISO 14001:2004)have a good operation by rechecking technological documents and auditing on the spot.

We also negociated about the cooperation of the high-rail composite insulators and arresters.

Information Office
Dec 7th, 2015

Wish FRP outdoor insulation power cross arm won the national invention patent.

Wish FRP outdoor insulation power cross arm 

Traditional power cross arm is commonly two kinds of materials, metal materials and wooden materials.But these two kinds of material with natural flaws.The metal material is not insulated, rain and damp environment have obvious disadvantages, and is easy to rust that increased maintenance costs.Wood materials have insulation advantages, but the wind, sun, rain in the outdoor environment make the use life of the big discount. And it is flammable.
Wishpower Composite Insulator Co.,ltd professional designed and manufacturing invented FRP outdoor insulation power cross arm have overcame the shortcomings of the above two kinds of materials.Use this opportunity that the country vigorously promote new technology of new materials at present, FRP composite Insulation material FRP cross arm was born.PATENT NO.:【ZL 2010 1 0013559.X】
FRP outdoor insulation power cross arm of Wishpower adopt vacumm injection pultrusion process,high temperature secondary curing molding.The power frequency withstand voltage,leakage current and bending failure load,completely meet and exceed the high voltage line porcelain cross arm insulator of the size characteristics and technical conditions.Its characteristic is:
1、Its surface using the surface mat of the polyester, so as to improve the aging resistance of products;
2、Tube inside with polyurethane foaming agent, in order to increase the strength of the cross arm and prevent the rain infiltration;
3、The rectangular tube with a plastic cover on both ends.
4、FRP outdoor insulation power cross arm effectively solves the existing wooden cross arm and iron cross arm poor anticorrosion performance and flame retardant performance, low strength,poor Insulation, such as short service life of faults.
5、This product have the advantage of light weight ,good strength,impact resistance, excellent dielectric properties, as well as good corrosion resistance and heat resistance.
FRP outdoor insulation power cross arm of Wishpower have the shape specifications:angle bar,rectangular tube filled foam,square tube filled foam.also we can design and manufacture according to customer’s requirement.

2015 New Year speech from the Chairman of 【wish】 Reform and innovation, move forward without fear

With full of struggle and harvest joy,2014 is going by. 2015 is coming with our hope and longings. In the first day of this new year, I sincerely thank all the WISH workers in the production line. I sincerely show my gratitude to the old comrades who struggle with me for so many years! You worked hard! I also should deliver my appreciation to our customers and suppliers.I sincerely wish you and your family safe, healthy and happy every day from the bottom of my heart.

2014 is doomed to be a memorable year.Li keqiang index,fine tuning,the new normal, the housing price bubble,raising interest rates, Xi Dada, China dream, One Belt and One Road, these words circle around our ears. Anti-corruption, big tiger, series corruption are heart stirring and dazzling our eyes. The drop in oil price and currency devaluation make us feel the coldness from the economic downturn.

2014 is a year full of reform and innovation during which our new workshop was put into use. We introduced efficient injection maching and increased our inspection and testing machines. Also, we make great reformation and adjustment to our management team, and hire more technical staffs.All these changes are made to make solid foundation for WISH future development. At the same time, 2014 is a year with hardships. The breakdown of old machines influence our production schedule. We also face mold making problem because of our unfamiliar with new devices.The delay delivery of new devices influence our normal production. With all the problems before us, WISHs unite as one and overcome them one by one. “ Work earnestly with responsibility, go forward with sincerity”, in management idea, we praise highly “what we market are responsibility and conscience”. WISHs keep remembering “keep the competition in mind,details determine success”.

Time and tide wait for no man, only diligence and perseverence will be rewarded.Only we work hard, go ahead with innovation, unswervingly adhere to the first-class and reliable quality, Taporel Electrical could stay in an invincible position. We feel fully confident about this.

We may taste the fruits of victory and harvest the joy of success in 2014,so let’s make persistent efforts for greater prosperity in 2015 again ;We may suffer setbacks and experience frustration, it doesn’t no matter, with chastened stubbornness and strength, Taporel Electrical will welcome another bumper year.

Great trees are good for nothing but shade. With China dream as belief and national good policy as support, we should gather our spirits,seize the opportunity and walk down-to-earth towards the glorious ideals.