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22-33kV HDPE Cable Saer Modified Polyethylene Cable Spacer
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The product has spacing function between cable, conductor used in33kV transmission line, it can prevent conductor effectively from wind swing and wind vibration,and has advantages of corona proof, anti-loose,and protect conductor from damage.High-molecular polymer insulator is a new type of alloy insulator which modified by high-molecular polymer and silicone compound material, it is white solid granule, and has pyroplasticity, good flowability, easy to process, stable structure of alloy material, excellent insulation, electrical breakdown, tensile strength resistance mechanical properties.

It will keep good mechanical property after 1000 hours accelerated weathering aging, the comprehensive performance is better than silicone rubber composite insulators. The product will be suitable for producing of all kinds of insulators, it has light weight, only 35% of ceramic and glass insulator, it is not easy to break, easy to handle and transport, and can reduce a lot of manpower and materials, more convenient and faster; It also can reduce load of cable and tower on transmission line, the high hydrophobicity is suitable for region of severe environment and can save a lot of transmission line maintenance costs.And also energy conservation and environmental protection in the whole manufacturing process, it only 25% of ceramic and glass insulator on energy dissipation, can reduce a lot of dust emission and transporting costs of raw materials.The product also conforms to requirements from international energy saving and environment protection.

High molecular polymer insulator products conform to technical requirements of overhead high voltage transmission line, after practical application of product, it approves that new polymerization gold silicon insulation materials will play active role on improving quality of transmission line operation and safe reliability.

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